1. Yusuf (Joseph) bar Gharib, metropolitan of Amid (d. 1375)

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Yusuf (Joseph) bar Gharib, metropolitan of Amid
(d. 1375)

Joseph is the son of the noble elder Cyriacus, son of Gharib of Amid. He became a monk at the Monastery of Mar Hananya, was ordained a priest shortly before 1340 and then consecrated a metropolitan of Diyarbakr, assuming the name Dionysius. He most probably died shortly before 1375. A proficient writer, Bar Gharib wrote six husoyos for Lent and Palm Sunday. His name appears on these husoyos in ancient copies in Tur Abdin and the Zafaran Monastery. These husoyos have become part of the Church rite. In 1360 he wrote yet another husoyo in seventeen pages, beginning with: “O God the most holy and blessed, the ocean of mercy and spring of good.”508

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