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The Chronicle of Edessa

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                                                   The Chronicle of Edessa The Chronicle of Edessa is a history from the beginning of the kingdom of Edessa in the year 180 of the Greeks to the time of the Persian war between Justinian and Chosroes, in the year 540 A.D. The author’s name is unknown, but it is believed that he lived about 550 A.D. and was of the Catholic faith. The Chronicle of Edessa has benefited early Christian writers, as well as Moses of Chorene, Eusebius of Caesarea, and of course, present-day historians. 1. In the year 180 kings began to rule...

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ISLAM : Truth or Myth – An Ancient Syriac Translation Of The Kur’an Exhibiting New Verses And Variants. – Alphonse Mingana. D.D.

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Foreward I AMONG the Syriac manuscripts brought recently from the East by the writer is one (numbered Mingana 89 and written about A.D. 1450) which contains controversial works against Jews, Nestorians, and Mohammedans by the West Syrian writer Barsalibi, who died in A.D. 1171. The treatise against the Mohammedans is divided into three discourses (maimré), subdivided into thirty chapters, two-thirds of which would offer no compensation for the trouble taken by a diligent reader intent on perusing them thoroughly. The last discourse, comprising chapters 25-30, is entirely composed of...

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مار أفرام السرياني

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وُلِدَ مار أفرام في سنة 306 م قرب بلدة نصيبين ، قاعدة عسكرية تقع على الحافة الشرقية من الإمبراطورية الرومانية ، كان ابناً لأب وأم مسيحيين كما نوّه بنفسه عن ذلك مراراً . ولكن لا يمكن أخذ هذا التاريخ كحقيقة ثابتة . أصبح مؤمناً في سن مبكرة ، وتعمّد على الأرجح في السنوات الأولى من شبابه . شارك بشكل فعلي في كنيسة نصيبين وهو مصدرنا...

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A Letter of Mara, Son of Serapion Tran. from Syriac

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Mara, son of Serapion, to Serapion, my son: peace. When thy master and guardian wrote me a letter, and informed me that thou wast very diligent in study, though so young in years, I blessed God that thou, a little boy, and without a guide to direct thee, hadst begun in good earnest; and to myself also this was a comfort-that I heard of thee, little boy as thou art, as displaying such greatness of mind and conscientiousness:2 a character which, in the case of many who have begun well, has shown no eagerness to continue. On this account, lo, I have written for thee this record, touching...

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Syrian Monastery

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The Syrian Monastery, also known as Suryan Monastery, is a Coptic Orthodox monastery located in the Nitrian Desert. It is located about 500 meters northwest of the Monastery of Saint Pishoy. Ecclesiastically, the monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and carries her name. However, it is better known as the “Syrian Monastery” because it was mainly used by Syrian monks. Etymology, foundation and ancient history The exact date of the monastery’s foundation is unknown. Most sources seem however to agree that its foundation took place in the sixth century A.D. The...

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