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A Letter of Mara, Son of Serapion Tran. from Syriac

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Mara, son of Serapion, to Serapion, my son: peace. When thy master and guardian wrote me a letter, and informed me that thou wast very diligent in study, though so young in years, I blessed God that thou, a little boy, and without a guide to direct thee, hadst begun in good earnest; and to myself also this was a comfort-that I heard of thee, little boy as thou art, as displaying such greatness of mind and conscientiousness:2 a character which, in the case of many who have begun well, has shown no eagerness to continue. On this account, lo, I have written for thee this record, touching that...

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Syriac Language and Literature

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Syriac is the important branch of the group of Semitic languages known as Aramaic. In the time of Alexander the Great, Aramaic was the official language of all the nations from Asia Minor to Persia , from Armenia to Arabian Peninsula. It was divided into two dialects: the western, used in Palestine and Syria by the Jews , Palmyrans, and Nabateans; the eastern, spoken in Babylonia by the Jews , Mandeans , Manichaeans , and the people of Upper Mesopotamia. The Syriac language, as we know it from its literature, did not spring from the dialect spoken in Syria , but from the eastern...

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the apology of Aristides

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TRANSLATED FROM THE SYRIAC. Again, the apology which Aristides the philosopher made before Hadrian the king concerning the worship of God. [To the Emperor] Caesar Titus Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, from Marcianus Aristides, a philosopher of Athens. I. I, O king, by the grace of God came into this world; and having contemplated the heavens and the earth and the seas, and beheld the sun and the rest of the orderly creation, I was amazed at the arrangement of the world; and I comprehended that the world and all that is therein are moved by the impulse of another, and I understood that...

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The Chronicle of Edessa

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This text was transcribed by Roger Pearse, Ipswich, UK SOME of the early Christian writers refer in very eulogistic terms to the archives of Edessa. The archives were, of course, the public or royal library of the city, the existence and value of which cannot be called in question. It included both Greek and Oriental books, and was therefore a depository from which literary men could largely benefit. Moses of Chorene consulted the books while compiling his history of Armenia. Eusebius of Caesarea declares himself to have been indebted to this library for his account of the conversion of...

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St. Ephraem ‘Faith Adoring the Mystery’ – Mary C. Sheridan

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It should be noted that Orthodox scholars and students will find this article to contain material that is well known and well researched by Orthodox authors, most notably Sebastian Brock. However, to scholars and students of the West, St. Ephraem is known by a few scholars such as Sidney Griffith and Kathleen McVey but for the most part is barely known if at all. Therefore, the purpose of this article is not to be an informative piece for the Orthodox. The purpose of this article is to shed some initial light on one of the writers in the very early Church for students/scholars of the West...

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